The health supplement industry is crammed full of information - so what can you really trust? We have spent years trying to figure out all the options and their benefits, and doing the research can be truly exhausting. Our mission is to cut through the crap and deliver the information to you without the gibberish. We want to sell you the right product - not all of them. We only carry brands that we trust so you know you’re getting the best products.


In the beginning, there was a little sup shop. Only 27sqms with clunky red shelving lining the walls. Every week that shelving would fill more and more with new products and massive restocks. Our demand grew and so did our passion to get our loyal customers the products they want and need to reach their goals. 


All our product information is broken down into four sections to answer your main questions.


What does the product do?

Who should be taking it?

When should I take it?

What’s in it?

Our blog posts break down ingredients and training goals so that you can become the most knowledgeable about what you’re putting into your body and get the most out of it.


We are WA owned and operated, delivering products Australia wide.