Muscle Nation Casein Custard


Flavour: Vanila
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Muscle Nation Casein Custard

What does it do? 

Casein protein is derived from milk and is much slower to digest then whey protein. This is important to know because it gives casein a few advantages and disadvantages. The main advantage is its slow release nature means the body will stay in an anabolic state for longer and you’ll be breaking down less muscle tissue. This also means that it will help keep you fuller for longer. 

When should I take it? 

Because of the reasons above this product is a perfect after dinner dessert! It will help resist after dinner snacking and keep you anabolic through the night.

Because of the slow release however this may not be the top pick for an after workout refuel. 

What’s in it? 

Although the macros differ from flavour to flavour in this product they are around:

Who should be taking it? 

While anyone can benefit from casein protein, this product is perfect for people looking to lose body fat as it can make you feel much fuller for longer and satisfies your sweet tooth at the same time.  

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